Sunday, 16 October 2011


Diary from Budapest... Week 1

Yes I'm in Budapest with work for a month. So I'm going share some of the Hungarian delights that this city has to offer. Firstly I'll just rewind a bit and say the only excuse I have of not being on here since June is this movie I'm working on.... But now I'm in foreign climbs I will find the time. To be honest  I have not done much cooking in the last few months, nothing really to write home about so probably a good thing I haven't been blogging. I get home on November 5th so hopefully I can get in the kitchen on weekends and get cooking....
Haven't really seem much of the city as yet as we arrived last Sunday and we've been at work each day but have tomorrow, Sunday off which will be great. The forecast is for bright blue skies and rather chilly, 11 degrees but rather lovely for a stroll by the Danube....

Right food, we have our lunch brought in everyday by our lovely PA, Stevie, he's in his forties and this morning he told us about how he'd been up most of the night as his 5 year old son vomited... Yeah nice... then he vomited, then his wife did, then his sister in law, obviously visiting puked too... He then told us how been a father was the best thing in the world. He told me when I have kids, I would know how it feels...sorry Stevie, ain't gonna happen! Bless...
So this week we've had a choice of just 2 menus... Indian and the hummus bar. Stevie promises that next week we will have more choice... After a few days of the Indian menu Emma and I both found our favorite choice from the hummus bar, here's mine...  Pargit
Grilled chicken leg (Pargit) served with 
salad and hummus and cous cous.
So Emma and I had a lovely meal out on Wednesday evening. We found an Italian Restaurant which was lovely. We asked to share a starter and they actually divided in two for us lovely oval bowls. It was a starter of cheesy balls wrapped in a parma ham and salad.. the cheese was warm.. delicious. Then I had ravioli stuffed with Cod Fish with tomatoe sauce... yes weird but very tasty and Emm had Parppadelle with Duck.

Friday night we tried a place called Menza. This place was recommended to us but I have to say we had a lovely time there, the place had a nice vibe with it's 70's decor and we people watched, our waiter flirted with both of us and we got quite merry... But the food was not great... But a fun evening and all paid for by per diem!

So onto Saturday night. I booked a table at a restaurant called Mokka, recommended by the Michelin guide for 8pm. We finished work at 7:45, so pushed the table to 8:30, got back to our apartments and did a quick wonder woman twirl and got a taxi to the restaurant for 8:30 on the dot... Not bad.... Emma and I both looked fabulous considering we'd been at work 45 minutes earlier. So we ordered a lovely bottle of Rose, Dúzsi Kékfrankos Rosé 2010 Szekszárd - Young and crisp with a pale colour and fine, clean aromas reminiscent of strawberries and banana. Refreshing and dry with fruity acidity and ordered our food. We both had Green asparagus wrapped in Prague ham, sautéed in butter and served in ricotta, chive and horseradish sauce and I followed with Basil baby chicken baked with sweet bell pepper, spinach salad, red rice risotto on the side and Emm had Beef tenderloin quesadillas with sour cream and salsa.
Asparagus wrapped in Prague ham
Basil baby chicken

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