Saturday, 22 October 2011

So it's Friday... If I was in London now I'd be finishing my Friday Pho... But No, I'm in Budapest and this weeks menu's delivered to us by Stevie to add to the Indian and Hummus menu's were, a restaurant called Wasabi, Sushi, soups and noodles and a traditional Hungarian Cafe, the menu is just jam packed with choice of soups and stews and pasta and pizzas! Amongst the Hungarian section is a curious dish, Pasta with Mashed potatoes... Don't think I'll be trying that one.
Today I tried to make up for missing my Fabulous Friday Pho with having a Thai Chicken and vegetable soup from Wasabi...  so a Fo Friday Pho if you like... it was ok but not great..
Back to the Hungarian restaurant's menu and Emma stumbled across an interesting dish, described as "Steamed Green peas - vegetable dish" I think she expected just steamed peas but the correct name for what turned up is Fozelek . On the link you will find it says " it seldom (or never) appears on restaurant menu cards, apart from that of cheap diners " So thanks production, you chose a nice cheap diner to buy us lunch from. That said the taste of this pea Fozelek was very very yummy... Noemi our Hungarian assistant told us you can make it with almost any vegetable, as it says in the link. I think is definitely a recipe to try out at home.

Saturday now, Emm and I went for dinner last night to a place called Cafe Kor. I have to say I meal was not that great but the place had a nice atmosphere except being sat next to 4 guys who were in the film industry and talking shop that it was hard not to eavesdrop, but we didn't really want too! The bottle of wine helped us block them out eventually. When I got home my clothes smelt like I'd been working in a kitchen! The reason why?, probably the deep fat fryer! I had Chicken thigh filet fried in breadcrumbs with parsley potatoes and peach compote, tasted a bit like KFC, and the peach compote was not a compote, is was just a dish of peaches... Yuk I hear some of you cry fruit with meat but I have to say Chicken & apricot go really well together.... hmm ideas looming! Watch this space...

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