Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Sunday In Budapest

So Sunday morning... Up early and of to the baths. It was a beautiful day, clear skies once again... Actually it's been sunny and just beautiful for about 5 days now... So check out this link for the baths I visited Szecheny Bath I have to say it's an experience that you have to do if you get the chance... as I say it was a lovely day about 12 degrees and I was walking around in my swimmers dipping into 27 degree outside pools... There were people just hanging out relaxing in the sunshine, men playing chess sat on the side if the pools but I hate to think of all the dead skin I probably swallowed....!!! Let's not go there...
Then met up with Emma and took the metro down to the river... We literally came out of the metro and there were these 2 old geezers busking and people relaxing and drinking beer... We headed down towards the river and immediately stumbled into a restaurant and sat down in the sunshine... We ordered a Weissbier as you do when you're in Hungary and as I was so hungry after my mornings activities we ordered lunch promptly and this is what we had...  

Emm's Paprika Chicken with Noodles
My Sesame Chicken with avocado

Then we couldn't resist to try the Hungarian deserts. Emma decided to go for Cottage Cheese Dumplings with fruit sauce and I for some reason got convinced by the waiter into having the Tokaj wine cream... Yes it was just cream! That had been cooked with wine in it and then some grapes thrown in for good measure, it also had a slight taste of Cinnamon. I have to say not my cup of tea, so we finished off with a coffee and took a stroll along a Danube. 
Not a bad a Sunday really... 

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